Up close & personal with Sharena Delon

We were lucky to have the opportunity to sit down for a quick chat with Indonesian actress and star, Sharena Delon, as she spends her family holiday at Padma Resort Legian. And although this is her first time experiencing both of our resorts in Bali (Padma Resort Legian and Padma Resort Ubud), she admits that she is a regular at Padma Hotel Bandung.

Keep on reading to find out what the soon-to-be mum-of-two has to say about her experience staying at Padma Resort Legian.


1. How are you enjoying your stay at Padma?

I really enjoyed it! The best part is the pool really, I can’t believe that there are five pools in the resort! I also feel like Padma Resort Legian is giving me an authentic Balinese experience. I usually go to Padma Hotel Bandung, this is the first time we’ve come to Padma Resort in Bali. We also loved our stay at Padma Resort Ubud.

2. What are your top 3 favourite things while staying here?

Pool, food – the food are excellent, it’s insane! We tried the New Moon buffet dinner last night. And I think the last one is that the resort is highly Instagenic but without losing its Balinese touch.

3. What are you looking for when travelling with family these days?

When we were still dating and we yet to have a little boy like now, we weren’t really that bothered with the hotels whenever we travelled. But it all changed after we had our son Ryshaka. Now I need a kids-friendly hotel, where it’s comfortable to just stay at the hotel, especially for the little one. And we also need a spacious room because he’s just so active these days.

4. What is your favourite place to go to in Indonesia?

We love to go to Bali. We’ve come up here quite often so we really know it like the back of our hand. My husband’s family is based on the island as well. And whenever we come, we like to try new places or things in Bali.

5. How do you keep healthy and active during travels as an expecting mum yourself?

I think you have to know your limit, which is why having a comfortable hotel is very important since we weren’t exploring much on this visit. And also to keep hydrated, you might just forget to do that when you’re excited and having the time of your life. 

All photos by @mrssharena


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