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Discover the Tropical Fruits of Indonesia

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How many times have you been to Bali? If you’ve ever strolled through its traditional markets, you must have caught sight of those alluring, exotic (or even weird-looking) fruits. Ever wondered what they taste like? Or you’ve even had the opportunity to try some of them! Let’s see how much you know about our native […]

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Three Haunted Places to Visit During Halloween in Bali

Padma Resort Legian - Three Haunted Places to Visit During Halloween in Bali

This park has been closed for 22 years. The building, zoo, lake, and everything in it was left behind with no one taking care of it.

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Padma Buzz September – October 2019

Your monthly dose of recent promotion in Padma Resort Legian.

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Padma Buzz March – April 2019

Say No To Plastic Straws Padma Resort Legian has taken the initiative of I Am Not Plastic Campaign by reducing the usage of plastic straws all around the resort. We urge you to bid adieu to plastic straws, plastic bags, and any other single-use plastic goods. New Moon Buffet Dine under the shiny new moon […]

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The many faces of Balinese Mask Dance

Tari Topeng or translates as Mask Dance is commonly found in all regions across Indonesia, including the island of Bali. The Mask Dance in Bali is a unique one and initially performed as part of a religious Balinese Hindu ritual, although over time it turns into a spectacle for entertainment purposes.  The Philosophy:It is believed […]

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Djakarta Warehouse Project 10th Anniversary

Djakarta Warehouse Project (DWP) started in 2008 at Blow Fish, one of the most renowned nightclubs in Jakarta. It was named Blowfish Warehouse Project back in the day, before turning into Djakarta Warehouse Project as a one-day festival in 2010, and two-day festival four years later. Djakarta itself is the old-spelling of Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital. […]

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Art Bali, a touch of contemporary on the island of gods

Bali is internationally praised for its traditional arts and culture. Artists and travellers from all across the globe flocked the island to either study or enjoy its old-age arts.   However, the contemporary art scene is still less heard of. That being said, Art Bali is here to introduce the island as the contemporary art destination.  […]


Here Are The Health Benefits of Steam and Sauna

Sauna derives from a Finnish word meaning hot steam bath, and it has been an old-age tradition for Finland. Yet today, sauna and steam room have become a global trend, especially those seeking for a healthier lifestyle.  Although sauna and steam are both heated rooms, the difference between sauna and steam lies in the dry […]