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First Time in the Day of Silence

An exceptional and unique Balinese culture, The Day of Silence, usually called Nyepi, where it’s the only place to celebrate the new year in silence. Falling on 22 March, this year, it’s a time for the Balinese Hindus to focus on spiritual reflection and purification. As a visitor to Bali during Nyepi, you should know […]

Bali Life

The many faces of Balinese Mask Dance

Tari Topeng or translates as Mask Dance is commonly found in all regions across Indonesia, including the island of Bali. The Mask Dance in Bali is a unique one and initially performed as part of a religious Balinese Hindu ritual, although over time it turns into a spectacle for entertainment purposes.  The Philosophy:It is believed […]


Up close & personal with Sharena Delon

We were lucky to have the opportunity to sit down for a quick chat with Indonesian actress and star, Sharena Delon, as she spends her family holiday at Padma Resort Legian. And although this is her first time experiencing both of our resorts in Bali (Padma Resort Legian and Padma Resort Ubud), she admits that […]

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Of ancient Balinese Pandan War

Take a journey two hours away from Legian to the eastern part of Bali and you might find yourself in Karangasem regency. An area less traveled by mainstream tourists. If you drive a little further and off the main Candi Dasa road, you might stumble upon Desa Tenganan. Desa translates as village in the Indonesian language. […]

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The enchanting Kebaya Bali

Kebaya has become Indonesia’s most pride national attire for women. Each province and area has its own distinct Kebaya style. Kebaya Bali is especially unique and distinctive compared to other areas in Indonesia. Its uniqueness lies in the colours of Kebaya used for different religious ceremonies, even though there are no strict rules and it […]

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Pagerwesi Day in Bali

You know there’s a special day in Bali when you see penjor (decorated bamboo poles) on the side of the streets. There are numerous ceremonies the Balinese celebrate yearly, and monthly – not to mention the daily prayers and offerings. But what makes this week special is Hari Pagerwesi. The name Pagerwesi derives from Balinese […]

Bali Life

Getting to know Balinese culture

Ever wonder why some trees in Bali are covered in black and white blankets? Or why a lot of people in Bali share the same first names?  There are heaps of fascinating and unique facts about Balinese culture, and here are some of them.   Which Wayan? In Bali, you will find a lot of […]