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Seventeenth of August: Unparalleled Celebration

Dirgahayu Republik Indonesia

17th of August may be a regular day for you, but not in Indonesia. It is Indonesia’s Independence Day that serves as a reminder of the country’s escape from colonisation. This celebration is associated with traditional games that can surely make everyone laugh and bond. As we approach the 17th of August, we have listed […]

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Which Padma Goer Are You?

A lot of our guests have been staying with us since day one. Some have stayed with us every single year for the past 10+ years and have become part of our family. And some of our guests have their own “Padma Rituals” and things they love to do when they’re back in their 2nd […]

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Padma Favourite Recipe: Sate Ayam

Thank you for watching and for participating in our first Satay Ayam live cooking class on Facebook and Instagram with Chef Rudy, we hope you had a wonderful time in the kitchen. As promised, here is the Sate Ayam a la Padma recipe for you to make during the quarantine that doesn’t require a lot […]

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Padma Favourite Recipe: Nasi Goreng

We would love to share the recipe for you to try at home and enjoy it with the family during self-quarantine! Hopefully, it tastes as good as we have here.


Chef Lara’s No-Bake Carrot Cake Recipe

Carrot Cake Padma Resort Legian

Happy Easter, everyone! Though it is a little different this year with us spending the holiday at home, but we should still celebrate it with some Easter treats! Chef Lara has prepared this very simple, yet tasty recipe of no-bake carrot cake that you can try at home. It is very easy to make and […]

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Padma Buzz March – April 2020

Your monthly dose of recent promotion in Padma Resort Legian.

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5 Bali Travel Guide for Japanese Travellers

5 Holiday Tips for Japanese Travellers



Every Little Thing Matters

Every Little Thing Matters

With this new initiative, our goal is to reduce (and eventually eliminate) single-use plastic bottles in our room amenities. Since the start of this movement, we are proud to have reduced up to 80% plastic bottle waste from room amenities alone.