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An Exhilarating Month in Padma Resort Legian

Pack up your suitcase, and be ready for excitement that will make your stay more meaningful and unforgettable. Padma Resort Legian has prepared experiences that you might never have had before. Without any further do, let’s get down to the list: Special International Women’s Day Women’s Self-Defense Workshop with Simone Julia – all levels class. […]

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Padma Experience Stories

For more than three decades, Padma Resort Legian has held a special place in the hearts of our guests, becoming a cherished second home. It’s through the unwavering support and loyalty of our patrons that we’ve thrived, allowing us to continually refine the quintessential Bali holiday experience. In celebrating our 33rd anniversary in September, we […]

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Bali Family Excitement

Looking for inspiration to make your family holiday in Bali more exciting? Check out our recommendations that cater to different interests, adding an extra dose of adventure and discovery to your trip. With these ideas, your family can experience the thrills of exploration while creating unforgettable memories in Bali. Let’s get to the list! Outdoor […]

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First Time in the Day of Silence

An exceptional and unique Balinese culture, The Day of Silence, usually called Nyepi, where it’s the only place to celebrate the new year in silence. Falling on 22 March, this year, it’s a time for the Balinese Hindus to focus on spiritual reflection and purification. As a visitor to Bali during Nyepi, you should know […]


Here Are The Health Benefits of Steam and Sauna

Sauna derives from a Finnish word meaning hot steam bath, and it has been an old-age tradition for Finland. Yet today, sauna and steam room have become a global trend, especially those seeking for a healthier lifestyle.  Although sauna and steam are both heated rooms, the difference between sauna and steam lies in the dry […]

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Pool hopping at Padma Resort Legian

Did you know that here at Padma Resort Legian, we have five pools to choose from? If you count the private pool in our Presidental Suite, that will make it six! Our resort has pools dedicated for almost anyone; family, the little humans, young travellers to couples on a romantic getaway. That is why you […]


Up close & personal with Sharena Delon

We were lucky to have the opportunity to sit down for a quick chat with Indonesian actress and star, Sharena Delon, as she spends her family holiday at Padma Resort Legian. And although this is her first time experiencing both of our resorts in Bali (Padma Resort Legian and Padma Resort Ubud), she admits that […]

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Insta-genic spots of Padma Resort Legian

Do you live and breathe Instagram? Do you love finding all the best spots for that perfect Instagram photos? Then you would love staying at Padma Resort Legian, since every nook and cranny of our resort is what people call these days as Instagramable! Don’t believe us? Keep on reading to see the guests’ top […]