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Get to know the art pieces at Padma Resort Legian

If you’ve been to Padma Resort Legian, you might have noticed the plenty of art pieces decorating our manicured gardens, restaurants or cosy rooms. But did you know that each artwork displayed in the resort has meanings and stories? It makes Padma Resort Legian a wonderful cultural destination on its own.

A lot of our art pieces are the offsprings of Balinese and Indonesian artists, as it is part of our missions to support local artists. Some of these art pieces come in small sizes, while others – such as the ones we’re highlighting now – comes in colossal forms. 

Keep on reading to know the story of guests’ all-time favourite Dragon Statue and the iconic piece that beautify our lobby area. 


Dragon Statue


Dragon garden.

This is guests favourite art piece. We’ve received plenty of pictures of our gentle dragon on our social media accounts from our guests. Some even say you haven’t been to Padma Resort Legian if you haven’t snapped a picture of or with it.

It is located in our dragon garden just steps away from the lagoon swimming pool.

Who made it?

I Wayan Winten.

The Ubudian native is best known for his work of Dewa Ruci statue. You can easily spot it in the junction of Sunset Road, Kuta, leading to Mall Bali Galleria – or informally referred as “Simpang Siur” by locals. Or loosely translated as the confusing junction. Winten was born in 1962 and aside from being a sculptor, he is a school art teacher in Sukawati. A lot of his works represents Balinese culture, just like our famous dragon statue.


What’s the story?

Winten explains that the statue represents the mythical Balinese dragon called Basuki. In the Balinese Hindu mythology, Basuki Dragon is the incarnation of gods that came down to save the earth. Basuki Dragon symbolises a balanced nature and has the ability to change immorality into goodness. Pura Besakih (or Besakih Temple) – the main temple for Balinese Hindu people – is believed to be the home of Basuki Dragon. 

That is why Winten decides to create the statue in 2010, as a symbol of harmony and balance within Padma Resort Legian.

Here are some holiday photos by our guests! But please help us preserve the statue by not stepping, sitting or climbing on it.

Photo by: @yasmin_ztf; @mia_dancee; @yazijean 


Happy Waves


Our lobby. 

The giant circular statue is placed in the middle of the lobby and will be the first thing you’ve noticed upon entering the hotel. How many of you know this piece is titled Happy Waves?

Who made it?

I Nyoman Nuarta.

The Balinese artist from Tabanan is the mastermind of this incredible piece. Now living in Bandung, Nuarta is also the creator of the Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue in Uluwatu. In 1977, he took part in the country’s most influential art movement called the Gerakan Seni Rupa Baru Indonesia (Indonesian Art Movement). Known for his modern work, Nuarta is now the proud owner of his own art complex NuArt Sculpture Park in Bandung, West Java.

What’s the story?

Titled as Happy Waves, it is made out of brass and copper in 2002. The intriguing sculpture is the representation of life itself that keeps on evolving. It evolves for individuals or even a society, and it is the quintessential law of nature. 

Happy Waves is created to remind us not to forget to attain happiness in this ever-evolving life. We should not avoid life itself, but rather to welcome it with open arms to in order to achieve infinite happiness. It is also to greet you with happiness while staying at Padma Resort Legian. 


Show us your best photos with Happy Waves on your next visit. Here are some inspirations from our guests below.


Photo by: @inijie;


Curious for more Padma Resort Legian art stories? Let us know in the comment below if you have a favourite art piece, such as the Balinese lady mural at S.K.A.I. Beach Club or the flying fish, in Padma Resort Legian and would like to know the story!



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    Norah Horsley

    Jul 09, 2018


    hello you had a painting called "the tour guide " behind a desk in the reception area many years ago . It was not there last time we visited in 2017 . Can you tell me the artists and if it is available for sale ? no problem if too hard ! Thank you very much

    • avatar image

      Padma Resort Legian

      Jul 09, 2018


      Hi Norah, Thank you for your comment and interest. That specific painting is now located at our Ballroom, and the painter is Made Djirna. Regarding sale, would you mind sending an email to [email protected] so we can provide you with better information? Warm Regards, Padma Resort Legian

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