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How Indonesians celebrate the holiday season

When it comes to the holiday season, Indonesians love to celebrate Christmas and New Year as festive as they can, regardless of their beliefs. So if you decide to spend the end of year holiday in Bali or elsewhere in Indonesia, you might want to find out some of the unique traditions on how Indonesians […]

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The many faces of Balinese Mask Dance

Tari Topeng or translates as Mask Dance is commonly found in all regions across Indonesia, including the island of Bali. The Mask Dance in Bali is a unique one and initially performed as part of a religious Balinese Hindu ritual, although over time it turns into a spectacle for entertainment purposes.  The Philosophy:It is believed […]


5 Films to Inspire Your Next Tropical Escape

From the Hollywood blockbuster to an independent short film created by local Balinese students, here are five movies (and one bonus film) that will inspire your next great Balinese escape. 1. Eat Pray Love A movie that needs no further introduction. Made famous by Julia Roberts, it originates from the namesake novel by Elizabeth Gilbert. […]

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Get to know the art pieces at Padma Resort Legian

If you’ve been to Padma Resort Legian, you might have noticed the plenty of art pieces decorating our manicured gardens, restaurants or cosy rooms. But did you know that each artwork displayed in the resort has meanings and stories? It makes Padma Resort Legian a wonderful cultural destination on its own. A lot of our […]

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Of ancient Balinese Pandan War

Take a journey two hours away from Legian to the eastern part of Bali and you might find yourself in Karangasem regency. An area less traveled by mainstream tourists. If you drive a little further and off the main Candi Dasa road, you might stumble upon Desa Tenganan. Desa translates as village in the Indonesian language. […]

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The enchanting Kebaya Bali

Kebaya has become Indonesia’s most pride national attire for women. Each province and area has its own distinct Kebaya style. Kebaya Bali is especially unique and distinctive compared to other areas in Indonesia. Its uniqueness lies in the colours of Kebaya used for different religious ceremonies, even though there are no strict rules and it […]

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Rhapsody Nusantara – An Ode to the Nation

Our country’s Independence Day is coming, and we are happy to be able to call Indonesia our home. Here at Padma Resort Legian, we are ecstatic for our upcoming themed event, RHAPSODY NUSANTARA acknowledging Indonesia’s day of freedom. Yes, the biggest Archipelago in this world is celebrating the day of independence, preaching the nation’s history […]

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Chinese New Year 101

The folklore, the fun, and the fantastic of Chinese New Year The best thing about a diverse country like Indonesia is that by having different cultures and backgrounds in one nation, one also gets to experience varied kinds of celebration and festivity. Do you think we only have one New Year soiree for every (solar […]