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Which Padma Goer Are You?

A lot of our guests have been staying with us since day one. Some have stayed with us every single year for the past 10+ years and have become part of our family. And some of our guests have their own “Padma Rituals” and things they love to do when they’re back in their 2nd home.

So, let’s play a game! Which Padma goer are you? Tag your other Padma lover friends too to make it more fun!

The Dons

This clan is a breakfast worshipper. They are not all early risers, but they will suddenly become morning people when they are staying in Padma because the buffet breakfast is too good to miss. The Dons like to sit on the Donbiu deck facing the pond, to get the daily dose of sunshine and tropical breeze as they sip their morning coffee. Despite a lot of options that vary every day on the buffet, The Dons will always start the day with fresh omelettes, cooked to their liking. 

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The Teppan Club

These people are not usually seen around the resort during the day. But they always silently secure their teppanyaki reservation at Tenkai as we all know, they get fully booked pretty quickly! When the clock strikes 6 in the evening, they are dressed and ready indulge in the scrumptious Japanese treats. They love Tenkai teppanyaki so much they even remember the names of all of our chefs and they can order without a menu 😉

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The Nasi Goreng

The adventurous ones, we would say, as The Nasi Goreng people are the kind who love good authentic Indonesian dishes. They will usually order a different menu each time from the Padma Favourites even though some of them may be a little foreign, and they are usually spotted at The Deli. The downside of being The Nasi Goreng club is that they suffer from the Nasi Goreng withdrawal once they return home from the holiday. Oh well.

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The Bakers

No, we’re not talking about cakes here. The Bakers are the ones who spend the days sunbaking by the pool with a margarita in hand (or cold B*ntang) living life to the fullest. Though they may not seem approachable, especially when they are really enjoying their “me time” by themselves, you will be surprised how many PFF (Padma Friendship Forever) have been formed amongst The Bakers. Let us tell you what, some of them even met the love of their lives while “baking” too!

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    May 13, 2020


    Can’t lie , I’m all of the above at some stage during my Bali holiday at Padma 😊😊😊 Can’t wait to return

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