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Pagerwesi Day in Bali

You know there’s a special day in Bali when you see penjor (decorated bamboo poles) on the side of the streets. There are numerous ceremonies the Balinese celebrate yearly, and monthly – not to mention the daily prayers and offerings. But what makes this week special is Hari Pagerwesi.

The name Pagerwesi derives from Balinese words pager and wesi, which translate to “iron fence”. It is a symbol of self-protection against the evil spirit that the Balinese celebrate on this day. They strengthen their mind and they pray to Gods so that the evil spirit won’t enter their soul and reside within them.

It is believed when we are clear from the evil spirit, we won’t harm our surroundings through our thoughts, speech and deeds. As the essence of Balinese root is love and peace, Pagerwesi is considered a big day in Bali, almost as important as Galungan.

It is a public holiday in Bali as the Balinese Hindus will be doing ceremonies on this day. Some local-owned shops and businesses may not be open today, but the others will operate as per usual.

Selamat Hari Pagerwesi, may love and peace be with you always..



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