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What to expect: Bali post holiday blues

Have you already found that special place you call home? That feeling of comfort that you get when you are there and you never want to go back? It might be at your parents’ house, maybe in your apartment bed, or maybe at your local coffee shop? It might as well be a destination that you visited or a place you might want to go back to again. We all have that special place where our heart belongs!

Well, I am here to write about what you might have felt after leaving the beautiful island of Bali!  You might have suffered after the departure of your amazing trip, no? From a French point of view, here are a few things to expect after your dream holiday. Oh, we do know how hard it is to cope with!


What? It’s already 8 pm? – JETLAG

Paris to Bali does sounds like a big effort. I mean, it’s south to north and east to west right? It is a full on 22 hour flight after all. Well, sometimes even more! Depending on which airline company you use 😀

How about Bali-New York? Bali – India? Bali- Tasmania? Even the smallest distance has an effect on our body! A one hour flight can do a massive difference. Some people can cope with it while others have a harder time. After a wonderful holiday, coming back home tired as ever and disappointed to have to endure everyday tasks, you just have to add an undesired bodily sensation of fatigue… You’re not motivated to do anything! You just want to lay back and sleep. You often feel as if your body refuses to function. Nothing in the world – not even going to Disneyland – motivates you to move.

You just want your bed, and you want it badly!



Oh I forgot, I actually have a Job!

Work? What work? I work? Really? Do I have to work though?

This is when reality bombards you in the face. There is something called “a job” that you have to start going back to. And sometimes, you have to go back to it knowing you might have a pile more work to finish off. Those emails when you weren’t in the office must be waiting for you, no? How about those clients that have been constantly knocking at your office door asking when you are going to come back? Yes you might have taken a beautiful, amazing, flabbergasting 2 week holiday off, but all those hours under the sun may have to be taken out and replaced for extra work hours back at the office answering that pile of voice messages. Your boss is going to wonder why you’re so behind your work. A holiday is no excuse!

“Those emails wont answer themselves!”


AHHH! It’s following me everywhere!

BALI BALI BALI your head is tricking you for everything you see that reminds you of that beautiful place. As you walk around Paris, you see groups of travelers visiting your city, groups of Chinese tourists taking pictures in front of “L’Arc de Triomphe”, Americans jumping around and being silly in the grass field of the the Eiffel Tower, some Italians sipping coffee at the porch of the infamous French Bakeries. They all seem to be loving the holidays they are having, but they might have never experienced the same type of holiday you had in your beautiful island. When you decide to sit down and take a break at the closest “boulangerie” shop, the wind passes by, the breeze sweeps your face, and you realize that the feeling of being back home is nothing compared to the feeling you experience sitting down at the beach with the sounds of the waves enchanting your imagination. The worst thing is when I scroll down Instagram and see Padma Resort Legian‘s pictures, it does not help with my homesickness. It just makes me to go back even more! I have officially become a stalker!


Photo by Xoxo Bali


Why is everything better in Bali?

Walking everyday out of the metro station and seeing what look like robots on their phones, people doing their own thing and not bothering to communicate with you makes you feel kind of closed up no? As if you were inside your own little bubble and no one cares about you. You might as well be locked up in your apartment, sick, unable to move and people will only start to notice after a few days. That is what an individualist society does to you right? Well, it’s different in Bali! People genuinely care about you and want the best for you. Everything that they do is for you. No one overthinks a situation! Everyone is like family and they will be by your side if you need anything!

However, it’s also not only the people, but the place that just spills WELCOME as soon as you put your feet here.  Maybe you are going to tell me that everyone loves the beach, everyone loves the sun and everyone loves the tropics. Yes, everyone wants to have a holiday under the sun and feel that hot beachy vibe. Yes, the tropical lifestyle does feel like paradise and is probably the closest feeling to paradise anyone will ever feel. But the trees, the forest, the nature, the feeling of peace when you walk around. The birds chirping, the kids laughing, everything is perfect in Bali and nothing can beat it. Not even your grandmas’ delicious chocolate cake.

“I want to go back!“

Photo by S.K.A.I Beach Club


Keeping in touch

After such an amazing time, you would want to contact the lovely people you crossed during your trip. Maybe you have a special place you really want to come back to *cough cough** Padma Resort Legian* 😉 If you met people on holiday they can become friends for life! People talk about whirlwind holiday romances but you can also have whirlwind holiday friendships where you instantly bond with people. Make sure you keep in touch from the get-go or it’ll be too easy to lose touch. You can also make plans to meet up closer to home so you can reminisce about the holiday!

Seeing these faces I miss the most from Padma Resort Legian have definitely made my day!



After all the pain and suffering, you instantly tell yourself: “I WILL COME BACK”. And that’s what you do. You come back, and you experience the magic all over again.

So there it is Bali lovers! What to expect after coming home from Bali! It’s good to be equipped of some tips, right? Get yourself ready for a beautiful holiday that is accompanied by a painful reminiscence!


Have a lovely pre- or post-holiday!

Jasmine Couteau


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