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What The Plant?

If you’ve been a loyal Padma guest, you would probably have noticed our green manicured garden that has been nicely kept by our tireless Garden Team, led by Anom. We even take inspiration from our flower collection to name our ballroom and meeting rooms, such as Plumeria, Delonix, Hibiscus, and Amherstia.

Now let’s meet some of the plants that make Padma Resort Legian a coastal tropical jungle that is your home away from home. 


Flamboyant Tree

Known as Delonix Regia for its Latin name, this tree is said to originate from Madagascar. It has a fern-like leaf and a distinct seed with a dark brown pod that can go up to 60 cm long. Flamboyant Tree can grow up to 12 metres high, and here at the resort, it gives a natural shade to your room. The tree blossoms in a tropical climate, making Bali the perfect home for it.

Can you guess where this tree is located in the resort? 


Sea Almond Tree

In Bahasa Indonesia, this tree is known as Ketapang. Terminalia Catappa in its Latin name. It can grow up to 25 metres tall and it has a unique Pagoda-shaped. The plant is monoecious, meaning that it can produce both male and bisexual flowers. Here in Indonesia, the leaf can be used as a traditional topical treatment to heal rheumatic joints.

You can easily spot this tall tree at our Dragon Garden. 


Red Bougainvillaea

These bold-coloured flowers need no further introduction since it’s everyone’s favourite decorative flowers. Although a decorative plant, the Bougainvillea has some spiky thorns that you need to watch out for. Besides being pretty to look at, Bougainvillea is known to be pest-free, making it everyone’s favourite plant to grow at home. 

Can you name any of the location where you can find these beauties?


Sea Grape Tree

Called as Coccolaba in its Latin term, it’s another plant that flourishes in the coastal area. The sap can be used for dyeing leather materials, while the fruits are edible and at times turn into jam.

The Sea Grape Tree makes the perfect ornamental tree, especially here at Padma Resort Legian, as it creates a dramatic archway. If you’re looking for a unique photo spot, then this could be it. You can find it just right behind Tenkai Japanese Restaurant




Commonly known as Buah Sukun in Indonesia, Artocarpus Altilis is an edible fruit that can be enjoyed in many ways. It has its history all the way to year 250 A.D. originating from French Polynesia.

Here in Indonesia, breadfruit is a delicacy on its own and used in all kinds of cooking, from savoury food to pastry. It is also believed to have many health benefits, such as lowering the blood sugar and a source of energy without the extra calory intake like a carbohydrate. 


What is your favourite plant in Padma?

Watch our garden tour video hosted by Anom to see other fascinating plants and flowers. 




  • avatar image

    Chris Gorgioski

    Oct 20, 2018


    Most 5* resorts are great, what makes the Padma special for me is the acres of lush tropical gardens and the occasional temple or old world architecture that makes it fantastic. It's a world I get lost in, a perfect balance between man and nature.

    • avatar image

      Padma Resort Legian

      Oct 22, 2018


      Hi Chris, Thank you for your kind words. We hope to welcome you again in the near future. Warm Regards, Padma Resort Legian

  • avatar image

    Sharon Warburton and Lenny Strickley

    Oct 24, 2018


    Fabulous post. Requesting more garden tours please. Just returned home yesterday and wish I had seen this prior so I could have asked some questions. All good though as back in March next year. Thanks for the tour and a big thank you to the garden team who were so lovely to us whilst there!

    • avatar image

      Padma Resort Legian

      Oct 25, 2018


      Hi Sharon, Thank you for your kind words. If you'd like, please have your questions away here and we'll try to answer it as soon as possible. Don't forget to have a watch at our Live Video tour as published on our Facebook page. Warm Regards, Padma Resort Legian

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