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Disconnect to Reconnect 

Nyepi, or the Day of Silence in Bali is fast approaching. Most of you are probably aware that it is a special day in Bali when everything, literally everything shuts down including the airport. There is very limited to no electricity allowed, and the last few Nyepis had been spent without internet connection and TV programs. If you’re not a Balinese Hindu, you might think it’s a bit crazy. How can we survive even one day without all the daily things we’ve been so attached to, right?

You can easily find more information about Nyepi in a bunch of articles; the ceremonies prior to it, and the philosophies behind each ritual. So this time, what you’re about to read, is a different perspective of Nyepi and why we need to experience it at least once, though we don’t celebrate.

Get the rest you deserve

In a society where everything is fast-paced and hectic, Nyepi allows you to do things you normally can’t do during your busy days. Wake up without an alarm, make that fluffy pancakes for the kids with that Youtube recipe you’ve been wanting to try, enjoy your homemade coffee at home without lining up in a busy coffee shop with a bunch of other rushed office workers, finish that arts and craft project that has been abandoned for God knows how long, or start that Netflix series you’re usually too sleepy to watch at the end of your day. See, now you start thinking, being home all day, not having emails to reply and phone calls to answer is indeed a luxury money can’t buy. Enjoy it, embrace it.

A day that brings people together

pancake with raspberries on plate beside mugs

Nyepi is intended for the Balinese Hindus to meditate and fast, therefore you are not to go anywhere, you have to stay at home (or a hotel, if you’re a visitor). And what could be better than spending good quality time with the closest and dearest? It is not every day you get to have everyone together. Take advantage of this moment to eat together, surprise your special one with a breakfast in bed like in the movies, catch up on each other’s stories, and just appreciate the presence of your loved ones. 

Nyepi lets the earth breathe for a bit

island and body of water

Just like our body that has been doing all the hard work for years and years without a break, we too can feel exhausted sometimes. Now imagine the earth doing all the work non-stop, providing us with oxygen, food, and place to live. How amazing would it be for our precious planet to take a day off from the air pollution, from the loud honking noises of the cars you drive on the way to work, and a lot more.

Switch off for a bit

woman sleeping on bed under blankets

What occupied your daily lives before smartphones and the internet took up so much of our time? If you have to stop and think for the answer, then it’s the perfect time to take a break from social media and allocate the time for self-care. It is important to take care of your mind, body, and soul. Have some me-time, do home exercise, have a long shot shower or a simple half an hour nap. Make time for yourself until you are you again. Everybody needs a slow day and some alone time every once in a while, and that’s ok.

So, who’s looking forward to Nyepi in Bali? Just one last tip, if you plan on visiting Bali for Nyepi, make sure you take note when it is, as it falls on a different date each year. Ok, some extra tips – make sure you secure your accommodation in advance, and lastly, no need to over shop on snacks. It’s a common mistake for Nyepi first-timers to shop as if it’s the end of the world. The Day of Silence only happens for a day, so stock just enough food, drinks and other amenities. For those of you living in Bali or currently here, enjoy the silence and Selamat Nyepi. 

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