Padma Hotels directly, or through its third-party vendors collects on or from this website certain information so that it can provide services and products, including the ability to make reservations on-line. The Padma Hotels website also allows customers to communicate with Padma Hotels on issues of customer service and to provide feedback on services. Padma Hotels sometimes uses this customer information to analyze customers’ interests so that it can tailor programs and special offers. A list of website names ("URLs") to which this Policy applies is set fifth below:

www.padmaresortubud.com www.padmahotelsemarang.com

Categories of Information Collected by Padma Hotels

  • Reservations
    • Online reservation is recommended. It is the fastest & safest way for the following reasons:
      • It gives you instant confirmation
      • The booking engine uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt all information. Click to Book
    • All reservation inquiry will be replied within 2 working days
  • Customer Service
    • When customers make customer-service requests, Padma Hotels will ask for the customer’s name, mailing address or electronic-mail information, telephone number and other information that will allow Padma Hotels to respond to the request or to resolve any problems at the resort.
  • Electronic Surveys
    • Padma Hotels conducts online surveys from time to time to evaluate its services. Participation in such surveys is voluntary, but customer information is collected for verification purposes, such as name, mailing address, and electronic mail address.
  • Cookies
    • "Cookies" are bits of electronic information (strings of text) that a computer user’s browser and operating system store on the user's computer hard drive. For example, cookies can store a user's electronic personal identification and password, identify which parts of a website the user visits, and keep track of purchases or selections the user made on visits to the website. The use of cookies is quite common.
    • Padma Hotels may issue and use cookies to enhance the customer's visit and the services offered on the sites. Websites often consist of many pages of content. Cookies allow the customer to find the information and offers of interest quickly and easily. The use of cookie technology may help Padma Hotels to achieve that objective.
    • Padma Hotels may issue and use cookies to keep track of the areas of the websites that interest customers. In doing so, Padma Hotels can determine aspects of websites that are most popular. Improvements and updates to the Padma Hotels website are often based on such data. This information can be tracked best with cookies.
    • Customers who visit websites may be presented with targeted advertising and special offers both directly through the website and from electronic mail based on preferences collected by cookies.
    • Customers who register under websites and allow their computers to accept cookies provide information by which Padma Hotels can both align the customer with his or her personal preferences and provide faster and easier access to the Padma Hotels website's benefits.
    • Customers who submit electronic-mail addresses may receive targeted messages that Padma Hotels believes may be of interest. Any customer may, at any time, request to be removed from such electronic lists and Padma Hotels will comply with the request.
    • Customers can choose to accept or reject cookies by modification to the computer browser. These options are generally set forth in files or menus listing "Internet Options".
  • Use of Information Collected
    • Padma Hotels may share the customer information it collects with its personnel and with the owners and operators of Padma Hotels. Padma Hotels may also share information with select third parties who offer goods or services that may be of interest to Padma Hotels customers. Padma Hotels may also share such information with other companies with whom it has entered into cooperative or co-sponsored promotions, products, or services. When customers use credit cards to purchase goods or services, Padma Hotels may share information provided by customers with the credit card company.
  • Service Providers
    • Padma Hotels relies on third parties to provide services both through the Padma Hotels website and in other communications. While Padma Hotels generally requires such providers to conform to these privacy policies and guidelines, Padma Hotels cannot control and shall not be responsible for their conduct if they fail to abide by these policies and guidelines.
  • Legal Requirements
    • Padma Hotels will also disclose customer information, without the customer's permission, if Padma Hotels believes, in good faith, that such disclosures are required by any applicable law or court order or if such disclosures are necessary to investigate activities that may be harmful or injurious to the Padma Hotels website, to Padma Hotels guests, employees, or agents.
  • Third Party Websites
    • Padma Hotels cannot control and is not responsible for the collection of personal information by third-party websites, including websites owned or controlled by hotels and resorts room sellers, travel companies, or other distributors or any websites not controlled or authorized by Padma Hotels. Customers may be able to access third-party websites through links on the Padma Hotels website. Such third-party websites have their own separate privacy practices. Padma Hotels has no control over and no responsibility or liability for the practices and policies implemented by such third parties on their websites. Certain third-party websites may have received permission from Padma Hotels to use Padma Hotels trademarks, but may not provide a link to this Privacy Policy and disclosure. Customers should communicate directly with such websites to get information about their privacy practices and policies.
    • This Policy and Disclosure does not cover customers who enter the Padma Hotels website through links from non-Padma Hotels sites, such as those of advertisers or other content providers.
  • Privacy Policy Changes
    • Padma Hotels reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy and Disclosure. Padma Hotels will post such revisions by a link on this website.
  • Government taxes and Service fees
    • Taxes are included in the prices or indicated in the price breakdown. unless otherwise specified.
  • Effective Date
    • This Privacy Policy and Disclosure became effective as of July 31, 2009. In order to provide multiple access points to the services and products we offer, Padma Hotels operates directly, or through its affiliates or service providers, and websites, including: www.padmahotels.com and www.padmahotelbandung.com
    • Any one of these websites may ask for and collect personally identifiable information in order to enhance your experience and provide you with relevant information.
  • Liability
    • Despite the taken care with respect to the development of the site, the Padma Hotels does not guarantee the accuracy, consistency and completeness of the information.
  • Padma Resident Programme
    • Enrolment to the Padma Resident Programme known as the "PRP" is by invitation only. To get more information about this programme, please contact [email protected]