Corporate Responsibility

Padma Resort Legian is committed to a Sustainability Management Policy (SMP) as part of their Environmental Management System (EMS), a platform that will allow the company to adhere to the holistic principles of environmental, social and economic sustainability.

The objective is to minimize our environmental impact today through the future, while continuing to create the most memorable hotel/resort experience for our guests. The initiative involves all departments within the hotel and involves all hotel employees, with full support from our management. Our goals include but are not limited to the following: water and energy conservation, sustainable waste management, creating a safe and healthy work environment for our employees, while sustaining the high quality of service of a five-star establishment.

Water Conservation

We are committed to minimizing our water consumption in all areas of the resort, as we are well aware that water is an extremely valuable resource. Our sinks are equipped with aerators to help increase water-efficiency, and all new rooms will utilize dual-flush toilets to help reduce water use. Moreover, our internal engineering staff conducts regular maintenance to check for leaks as a preventative measure to water loss.

Energy Conservation

We continually strive to minimize our energy consumption through simple acts such as using energy-efficient lighting in our guest rooms, using key cards as a master switch in guest rooms to save electricity, turning off all unnecessary lights in public areas and other electronic appliances when not in use.

Sustainable Waste Management

Proper solid waste management is integral to the operations of our hotel because it minimizes the amount of waste going to landfills, and therefore minimizes the environmental impact from the hotel. We encourage hotel guests to separate waste into recyclables and general waste - and special bins are provided to help facilitate this. We participate in local recycling programs when possible and return bulk food containers from our kitchen to our suppliers to be reused.

Health and Safety

We strive to continuously improve upon our efforts to ensure that the health and safety or our hotel/resort environment is held to the highest standards. This is done through continuous monitoring of our areas and identifying all potential risks and hazards in each area.


Our sustainability initiatives complement core business operations to ensure that our employees receive regular training to deliver the highest quality of service for our guests. Moreover, regular maintenance is carried out in all our properties.


We maintain a positive relationship with the local community by creating job opportunities for local employees and maintaining a safe and clean area along the perimeters of our property. We collaborate with local foundations to donate used items from the hotel, such as collected soap and shampoo, old linens and towels to local orphanages and retirement homes. Moreover, in appreciation of the Balinese culture, we create opportunities for local designers and artists to sell their work at our gift shop and local dancers and musicians to perform at our resorts. We also use products and foods that are from local sources, whenever possible.

The Padma Sustainability Management Policy (SMP) will work in conjunction with our core business operations to ensure that the processes within our establishments operate sustainably and result in the highest level of guest satisfaction. In the long run, we will strive to make continuous improvements in all our properties so that Padma Hotels could grow sustainably as a company and serve as a model of responsible tourism in Bali.