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Which Bali neighbourhood are you?

From jam packed streets full of clubs selling their Happy Hour drinks, a town of hot tanned surfers, to a hippie area of homemade organic products, each one of the neighbourhood in Bali is different in its own unique way. If you have more than just a few days to explore Bali, it would be nice to jump from one to another to feel their vibes and experience the localities.

And among so many areas, these are the coolest and the most popular ones..



Either you like it or you…well, hate it. There is no in between. It is safe to say that Kuta is the most touristy part of Bali and is best known for its party–centric atmosphere. It is close to the airport and it has everything Bali first-timers want to see when they touch down Bali; beaches, restaurants, shopping centers, markets, and waterpark. If you’re brave enough to try surfing for the first time, Kuta Beach has “small yet spicy” waves with plenty of beach side board rentals offering surf lessons. If you are in Kuta right now, welcome to Bali!

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Legian is nestled between Kuta and Seminyak. This is where we are (if you are reading this in the comfort of your bed at Padma Resort Legian, or by the pool). Just like how New York is the city that never sleeps, the heart of Legian is always busy. There are always things happening here and there and you could easily lose count on how many restaurants, bars, shops and night clubs there are. Though it is always crowded, you will be surprised how peaceful the villas and resorts around Legian are once you set foot inside – it is a totally different ambiance! So for those who love having the best of both worlds, stay in Legian.

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5 minutes scooter ride, or perhaps…15 minutes beach walk away from Legian, there is Seminyak (pronounced Sah-mee-nyuk). You can find pretty much everything you can find in Kuta here, in a more high-end version; fancy fine dining restaurants, edgy and sleek beach clubs, designer boutiques, private villas and what not. On the weekends you will come across local designer markets, or fun themed parties in some of the Seminyak “happening” places.

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Most articles in magazines or online blogs would refer Ubud as the hippie part of Bali, the mecca of yoga and vegetarian or vegan culinary. While that is not untrue, Ubud is much more than that. It is a distinctive part of Bali where multi cultures meet and adventures happen. Be prepared to have a long list of must-see attractions such as temples, museums, art galleries, workshops, as well as nature activities such as rafting, buggy ride, hiking, and many more. The Ubudians are generally pretty laid back. They love their day-to-day life balanced, and flow like water.

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Pronounced Chung-Goo, this area is the current “it” place of Bali for millenials, active youngens, and digital nomads. If you are any of the above, you will quickly feel like home here as you are spoiled with choices of healthy restaurants, from gluten free, low carbs, protein fueled, you name it! Not to mention the crazy amount of gyms in a wide variety such as crossfit, strength and conditioning, MMA, yoga, and a bunch more. Last but not least, designer shops, spa, and salon that support your fashionable self!

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Stereotypically a place where the “seniors” live, Sanur is a seaside town in the south east Bali. Though not as quiet as Ubud, Sanur life can be quite peaceful too. The beaches are calm which matches its personality. You will encounter family with kids, older couples, or retired expats on your daily basis. The nightlife in Sanur is the mature type with some bars having live band performances, playing “oldie but goldie” songs from your generation if you are in your late 40s or 50s.

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When the locals say “Bukit” (in Bahasa Indonesia, means the hills) they are talking about Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Jimbaran and its surroundings that are located in the cliff area of Bali. Uluwatu, also known as Ulu is the focal point of Balinese surfing, a paradise for pro surfers looking for bigger and more challenging waves while Jimbaran is a small fishing area surrounded by long beaches with calm water. When you see the “surf, eat, sleep, repeat” printed on t-shirts in some boutiques alongside this area, that is exactly what Bukit lifestyle is all about. If you are a true surfer or a mermaid at heart, this is where you belong.

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So…if you were a Bali neighbourhood, which one do you think you’d be?