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Say hello to our new resort newsletter! We listen to you and we want you to stay updated on our resort news during your stay at Padma Resort Legian. So last month in September, we gave birth to this 4-page newsletter – a Padma guide, you might call it. Here you can find the complete schedule of our daily themed dinner and happy hour, as well as special promotions and/ or events. If you’re a digital person, you can view and download the PDF version by scanning the CR code on the front page, or read our Instagram posts with the hashtag #padmanews

Happy holiday!


Chef Degan’s Cookout and S.K.A.I Culinary Festival

We are entering the festive season with some exciting events! And we are pleased to announce the newly appointed Chef Degan Septoadji as our Corporate Chef! Come join us in celebrating it with a cooking demo where Chef Degan demonstrates how to magically turn one seasoning paste into multiple creations, followed by a market-like food and wine festival and special entertainments at S.K.A.I Beach Club on Friday, 20 October 2017. See you!

For more information and reservation, please contact  


Happy Hour around the clock

Counting down the days to your Padma holiday and have been seeing our posts all over Facebook and Instagram about the new Happy Hour? Yes, that’s right – it runs all day, so that you will never miss out again on the joy of “buy 1 get 1” or “buy 2 get 1” of our special cocktails! Watch our video below for our new Happy Hour around the clock schedule!


Happy Hour for the little ones

Happy treats are coming your way, little ones! Have a break from your splishy splashy pool day and head down to the juice bar to recharge your energy with our Rainbow Thirst Quenchers! It is buy 1 get 1 free for the same flavour, which means double happiness!

Available at the Juice Bar

2.30pm – 5.30pm

IDR 60,000+ per drink


New at Tenkai: Steak and seafood sizzelicious

Fizzle your taste buds up with our selection of steak and seafood at Tenkai Japanese restaurant. Even better, you can do the cooking yourself the way you like it with our mini hot stone sets!

Available during a la carte

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday

6pm – 10pm

IDR 270,000+ per person

For more information and reservation, please contact


Junior Cooking Class

Calling all parents and junior chefs in the making! Let the young ones craft their own lunch and learn how to make scrumptious pizza, guided by our experienced chef, Chef Jarot.

Available every Thursday

at The Barong Restaurant

11.30am – 12.30pm

IDR 150,000+ per child

For more information and reservation, please contact



Rustic Balinese Platter

New at S.K.A.I Beach Club! A sharing plate of Balinese traditional nasi campur (mixed rice) to fulfill your Balinese food fantasies. From chicken, pork to fish and different colored rice, it’s for you to choose! A rainbow in a meal! You also get to choose your drink whether it being a cocktail, non-alcoholic drink or our icy – 2 Beers!

The price is at IDR 325,000+ per couple. It’s definitely something you wouldn’t want to miss out on!


The Spa by the pool: the ultimate tropical holiday

Wish granted! We now have The Spa by the pool treatments for those not wanting to give up their prime sun lounger spot, or in need of a relaxation while watching the kids in the pool.

Call us on extension 1911 and we will be there for you – literally!


For those who keep coming back..

Which one do you like the most? A discount? Or an extra 30 minutes massage? You can have either one on your 2nd visit, or on your 3rd visit at The Spa!

So, the more you come, the more extra something for you 🙂


Kids Party, the best kind of party!

Parents, treat your kids in our new program; Kids Party where your kids can enjoy a variety of activities and delicious snacks!

Available at the Kids Club from 5.30pm onwards for IDR 150,000+ per child.

For more information, please contact ext. 1921


Activity schedule

We always have some exciting in house activities that are suitable from kids, teenagers, to adults. Please find below our new activity schedule so you can plan ahead before your visit to Padma Resort Legian.

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