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Rhapsody Nusantara – An Ode to the Nation

Our country’s Independence Day is coming, and we are happy to be able to call Indonesia our home. Here at Padma Resort Legian, we are ecstatic for our upcoming themed event, RHAPSODY NUSANTARA acknowledging Indonesia’s day of freedom. Yes, the biggest Archipelago in this world is celebrating the day of independence, preaching the nation’s history and traditions. We are home to hundreds of ethnic groups, each practicing their own culture. We would like to show the world how proud we are to have gone this far in keeping such a young country alive.

We invite you to be a part of us! As a hospitable and open island, we want you to know how welcomed, touched and proud we are to be one of the world’s leading destinations. We would therefor like to commemorate this special occasion and take you to an exceptional journey where three of your five senses will be touched; Mata, Rasa and Suara (the eyes, the taste and the sound).

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We are first going to accompany you to the travel of mata (the eye) as we hope to guide your perception of Indonesia’s treasures, to make sure you only see and feel the best. For this journey, we are going to present the beauty of the Indonesian traditional arts and amazing cultures. You are going to discover the anyaman, the tenun, the batik, and other Indonesian artistic treasures as well as Indonesian dances wrapped in both classic and modern touches.

Batik – a traditional art of decorating cloth using wax and dye

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We would also like to take you to a tour of rasa (the flavour) through the succulent Indonesian delicacies and traditional beverages specially prepared by Padma Resort Legian culinary brigade. Our drinks are pretty special! We have this special beverage called the jamu which comes along with wonderful health benefits along with its unique taste. These beverages will be presented in interactive dances along with Java’s, Bali’s, Sumatra’s and Kalimantan’s exotic harmonies.

Jamu – a herbal drink,  made from natural materials or parts of plants.

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Last but not least, let us guide you to the melody of the suara (sound), with the harmonies of infamous maestros Ananda Sukarlan and Mariska Setiawan, whom will be airing you to Indonesia’s touch of tunes.


It is time for you to experience and be a part of the true colours of Indonesia in our Independence Day special event, RHAPSODY NUSANTARA. Savour the local taste of Indonesia in our special dishes, Bebek Betutu, Beef Rendang, Cumi Sambal Matah, Ikan Woku Manado, Kambing Guling and many more. Save the date and see you on 17 August 2017!


Poolside, Tenkai Japanese Restaurant

Thursday, August 17th 2017
IDR 418,000+ per person
*Price is subject to 10% government tax

Half price for children under 12 years old

Enjoy 10% off for Mandiri Credit Card Holders

This event is supported by Bank Mandiri, MixMedia and IndoWines

For table reservation, please contact +62 8212 3707 4172 or email us at [email protected]com









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