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Indulge Your Well Being with Warm Bamboo Massage at The Spa

Padma Resort Legian - Warm Bamboo Massage

It is very important to have a balanced life and one the most productive things you can do is just…relax. Make time to pamper yourself at The Spa during your stay with us and be sure to try our newest treatment, Warm Bamboo Massage.

Known as the “magical plant”, bamboo is thought to represent health and strength which can be used from spa treatment too. With an innovative ideas and spa visionary mission to rejuvenate body and soul, now we may experience Warm Bamboo Massage that is combined with various massage techniques such Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage. It is proven that this treatment can restore energy and bring you the the state of relaxation.

Priced at IDR 840,000+ per person, this new addition at The Spa is a must-try to recover your sore muscles and tired body after a long day of Bali holiday activities 😉 

For more information and reservation, please contact us at [email protected]

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