Here Are The Health Benefits of Steam and Sauna

Sauna derives from a Finnish word meaning hot steam bath, and it has been an old-age tradition for Finland. Yet today, sauna and steam room have become a global trend, especially those seeking for a healthier lifestyle. 

Although sauna and steam are both heated rooms, the difference between sauna and steam lies in the dry and wet technique. Steam room offers moisture steam that can go up to 40 degree Celsius. While the sauna is a dry heated room, usually having a temperature of 70 to 100 degree Celsius. 

Read through to find other benefits offered by visiting the sauna and steam room.


Decrease Stress

Believe it or not, according to some studies, using the sauna and steam room will make one feel good after. It is due to the fact that it helps in promoting endorphins, a hormone which can create positive feelings throughout the body. It also reduces cortisol or known as the “stress hormone”, so by visiting the sauna and steam room, one can feel more relax and refreshed after.


Remove Toxins

Going to both steam and sauna room will make you drenched in sweat, which is a good thing. Because as most of you already know, sweat will release all the bad toxins and waste in the body. However, a steam room will give better result in removing the toxins rather than a sauna due to the produced moisture in the heated room. 


Healthy Glowing Skin

Sweat due to the steam and sauna room will help to open up the pores and cleanse the skin. It is one of the best ways to treat acne and get that summer glow in a natural way. Nevertheless, do bear in mind spending too much time in a sauna room may cause dry and burn skin, so make sure only to spend a maximum of 15 minutes.

Enjoying the sauna
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Promote Health

It is believed that there are many health benefits from spending time at the steam and sauna room on a regular basis. Some of them include clearing of throat, sinus and lung congestion, increases healthy blood flow, increase cardiovascular, help in weight loss, help to open airways for those with asthma, and many more. 


After-Workout Leisure

It is highly recommended for athletes or those who simply love a good workout to spend their post-exercise session at a steam and sauna room. This is due to the heat that helps to relax the muscle tension and soreness while enhancing flexibility. 

Although make sure to give your body some time to cool down after working out before heading to either the steam and sauna room. Don’t forget to hydrate before and after as well. 

And did you know that here at Padma Resort Legian’s Fitness Centre we have a dedicated Steam and Sauna room? Our steam room can reach up to 40-50 degree Celsius, while the sauna is 80-90 degree Celsius. You may take advantage of the facilities while staying as in-house guests or by becoming members of the Fitness Centre. 


For further information regarding our Fitness Centre, please contact [email protected].


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    Oct 03, 2019


    Thank you for sharing this article. I have been hesitant in using the sauna because it might not be safe for me. After reading your post, I've now convinced the benefits to outweigh the risks of using saunas. This too is an interesting article that might be helpful to your readers. Thank you.

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