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Bali belly no more

We’ve all been there.  A few hours after that tasty meal on the beach, at the market, or under a tree, you begin to get stomach cramps, cold sweats, and suddenly feel very weak and fatigued.

You head for your hotel room, thinking it is just a case of too much sun, but end up spending the rest of the day as close to the bathroom as possible. Many people catch a tummy bug on their holiday, and the severity of their symptoms can result in a long and sleepless night, or in some extreme cases, last several days spent in a hospital.

If you do catch a bug, its probably just bad luck.  But here are some ways to minimize your chances of catching so-called Bali Belly, while still enjoying your culinary adventures:


Begin the day with a light but filling breakfast

Avoid cravings when you are out and about around the island, and tempted to try hawker food on impulse. Padma Resort Legian’s chic beach club, S.K.A.I Beach Club, offers an a la carte menu for its guests. As you breathe in the fresh ocean breeze at the restaurant, you can fuel up with a classic breakfast item like Eggs Benedict, or maybe a towering pancake with fruit and jam.

Wash them down with tropical fruit juice to give your body an extra kick. Don’t worry about the preparation quality as you are in a five-star luxury resort. And the best part is you are only minutes away from Bali’s most happening places: Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak.


Talk to the Hand

Now you are all fueled up and ready to explore Bali. In case you want to eat some local food by the beach or the market, always carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer.

Use it often, especially before eating and after using the rest room. Your hands are the first things that will transfer germs to your body, so wash them often, and never touch your face. Also, only drink sealed and bottled water. Never tap water. Be cautious of dirty ice cubes for the same reason.

Photo by Safe Space


Tick the “Must Try Food” list carefully.

What is a holiday without a local culinary adventure? Just be cautious and only select venues with cleanliness and hygiene standards you are happy with.

Without compromising on their classy food presentation, Padma Resort Legian’s chefs prepare the most sophisticated looking Nasi Ayam Betutu for adventurous foodies to try. Google “Nasi Ayam Betutu”.  It’s on all of Bali’s Must Try Food lists. And for a very good reason.

This delicious slow-cooked chicken is lathered in Balinese spices, such as chili, onion, turmeric, coriander and lemongrass. Rich and spicy enough to give you the authentic feel! To compensate for its sophisticated surroundings, they renamed the dish Chicken Too-Too. The cute looking small rolled steam rice apparently is filling enough.

At one of their other restaurants, Seruni, you can also try the local’s ace Satay Campur; a serving of plecing, chicken satay, sweet soya coriander lamb satay, or marangi beef satay, all served with steamed rice.

Chicken Too – Too at S.K.A.I Beach Club

Photo by Chef Theo


The Best of Both Worlds

If feeling brave and wanting to try more spice-filled delights, order their Tasmanian Salmon-filled Betutu dish. As the name suggest, a fusion of two island styles, enhanced with spices and grilled in banana leaf, steamed rice, and topped off with a long bean salad.

For a lighter choice, opt for their Bedugul Vegetables with Fresh Mozzarella cheese. The vegetables come from the hills of Bedugul, complementing the light cheese perfectly, making it the freshest salad bowl ever.


So, foodie adventurer, go forth and taste only the best in local food. That way, you will only be paying a hotel bill at the end of your stay, and not a medical one too.


Alexei Andersen




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    Oct 01, 2019


    Can you please advise how the Vita mixers used to make cocktails are cleaned in the pool bars? as I have noticed when I have stayed with you previously they are rinsed using water from a tap and I was wondering if the water from the taps are filtered or not? See you in 12 days but who's counting.

    • avatar image

      Padma Resort Legian

      Oct 02, 2019


      Dear Eddie, Rest assured, we are using Reverse Osmosis (RO) & Brakish Water Reverse Osmosis (BWRO) for our water to remove ions and unwanted molecules. We see you very soon here in Bali. Warm regards, Padma Resort Legian

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