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Art Bali, a touch of contemporary on the island of gods

Bali is internationally praised for its traditional arts and culture. Artists and travellers from all across the globe flocked the island to either study or enjoy its old-age arts.  

However, the contemporary art scene is still less heard of. That being said, Art Bali is here to introduce the island as the contemporary art destination. 

From October 9th – November 9th, visitors will be spoiled with contemporary masterpieces. This debut exhibition is themed “Beyond The Myth”, offering a variety of thought-provoking, playful and interactive works of art. There are 39 participating artists from Bali, Indonesia, and international. The event is taking place at AB • BC Building in Bali Collection, Nusa Dua

To inspire your visit, scroll through to see some of “Beyond The Myth” striking collections.


Sirri 2.0
By: Syagini Ratna Wulan ft. Bandu Darmawan

The interactive exhibition invites the audience to participate in a game of word search by entering a circular iron room. Inspires by the use of hashtags (#), the piece tries to respond to the development of the digital culture that has become part of the public life. 

What Else
By: Eko Nugroho

Eko Nugroho is a celebrated Indonesian contemporary artist, whose works can be found at various national and international exhibitions. “What Else” represents and at the same time criticise pride, self-identity, and the identity of community and organisation. 


This interactive installation is the lovechild of a collective group, Nu-Abstract, consisting of six Balinese artists. It is inspired by the movement of New York’s 1980’s era of “return to painting”. Visitors are encouraged to explore the inside of the room and discover the tiniest details displayed.  

Holy Mountain
By: Arin Dwihartanto Sunaryo

Titled Holy Mountain, this unique painting incorporates volcanic ash from the Mount Agung eruption with frozen resin pigments. What makes it even more remarkable is the ash extraction, done through a sequence of convoluted ceremonies and processions.

The Cosmic Tree 2.0
By: Adi Panuntun

The highlight of the exhibition is The Cosmic Tree 2.0, an installation by Adi Panuntun. It is made out of fibre resin, steel, dacron and rope while combining the use of video projection and audio. The video mapping exhibition comes alive once the sun sets, making it a soothing piece to enjoy, not to forget photogenic. 

Curious to see more but currently not on the island? Have a quick tour through our Padma Wander video below.

Let us know in the comment section what other events do you like us to cover on the next blog post. 


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