5 Must-Have Items from Sarasvati Design Store

Shopaholic rejoice! With the help of the talented Sarasvati Design Store team, we’ve picked 5 hottest items you need to bring home – all sourced from local and international artists and designers.

In addition, if you’re wondering what souvenirs to get as a reminder of your Balinese holiday, then look no further as they also make great keepsakes.

Read on to find your favourite item!

A globe to remember
Artist: Bruno Helgen

Using local Balinese teak wood, in which some designs also incorporate volcanic sand, lacquer and even metals. Bruno Helgen’s – the French artist who now spends his time between Paris and Bali – globe creation will surely make a showstopping centre-piece on your coffee table. Globetrotters will also appreciate this fascinating piece as a reminder for their love of travel. 

Pretty in Graviola
Brand: Nagicia by Tricia Kim

Nagicia is a jewellery brand by Bali based New Yorker Tricia Kim. She came over to the island way back in 1997, working at another renowned international jewellery brand before heading her own company. The name Nagicia is taken from naga (means dragon), the year in which she was born, and her name Tricia. This particular collection is ever so exquisite as it is made from Graviola leaf or daun sirsak in Indonesian, making it a highly coveted keepsake of your Bali holiday that will make you or your loved ones look extra gorgeous.

Boldly wrapped in Batiktuk
Artist: Bagus Gonk Prabowo & Yohana Raharjo

Just like the name refers, Batiktuk produces waxed and dyed batik created by couple Bagus Gonk Prabowo and Yohana Raharjo. It is carefully handmade by young artisans at Frog House Community in Yogyakarta, Java. Both Bagus and Yohana try to minimise waste and preserve the environment by reusing the wax and dying materials. Each batik cloth is individually painted, making it a truly desired Indonesian knickknack.

Travelling radio to support the local community
Artist: Singgih Kartono

The stylish Magno radio is perfect for music junkies. It is hand-crafted by the villagers of Kandangan, Central Java, in which the selling goes to support the village as well. Although made from wood, the artist Singgih Kartono claims that only around 80 trees are being used each year to produce their crafts. Magno also comes in other functional stationaries, such as magnifying glass and stapler – all in which you can find at Saravasti Design Store.

Trinkets for the little ones
Artist: My Awesome Bali Adventure Travel Book

These cute animal prints are taken from the bestselling My Awesome Bali Adventure Travel Book. Each animal is also depicted with the Indonesian term. So not only it makes a fun wall decoration for the young boys and girls, but they can pick-up on their Bahasa. The book itself is available to buy at Saravasti Design Store. 

If you’re planning on taking any large items or souvenirs home, such as paintings or statues, click here for some packing tips. Now, tell us which item would you like to take home?


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    Anita Alexander

    May 27, 2020


    How much is the white world globe

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      Padma Resort Legian

      Jun 03, 2020


      Hi Anita, Please contact [email protected] for more information and further assistance. Thank you

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